Septic System FAQs

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers regarding septic system maintenance, repair, and more.

FAQs Below

This really depends on the number of people using the system, the condition of the system and the size of the system. At the time of pumping, we always give you a recommendation on how often pumping should be done. We can also give a rough estimate after talking with you on the phone

The first thing that is always good to do is to obtain a copy of the as-built or septic plans, to your system from your town’s Health Board. Most of the time they will have the plans in their records. The second thing you can do is go to your basement and see the septic pipe coming into your foundation. Now measure inside from the pipe to the corner of your house. Go outside and use that measurement to find where the pipe comes out of your house. The pipe then will usually go out 12-15 feet. If you’re not able to do this we have plenty of experience finding systems.

If you have your septic system pumped no later than a year from the inspection date each year after the inspection, it is good for two years.

Yes, especially if you are on a tight budget or fixed income. A tight tank is a sealed tank with no outlet and needs to be pumped much more often than a regular system. We usually will give a discount for pumping a tight tank. Many factors are taken into consideration and it is always good to call us so we can go over them with you.

Putting additives into your system does NOT take the place of pumping it. Additives along with pumping and proper maintenance will prolong the life of your system & we sell some great additives. Your system still needs regular pumping.

Not necessarily. Many times when the weather changes from warm to cold or vice-versa you’ll get a septic smell in your home. It’s a good time to remember the last time your system was pumped and determine whether it’s time or not. If you’re not sure, we can help you to decide by asking a few simple questions.

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